Eurasian golden oriole (Oriolus,oriolus)

I just got the idea to pick dandelions and made paint from it.
It’s pretty easy to make, just crunching them and add water and than the liquid that’s coming out from the crunched dandelions is what I used to paint with.
Since it was a succes I made this painting. It’s made with dandelion paint and chinese inkt. It’s a nice effect and it’s a good alternative for making your ecological food-step smaller. It is economical even brilliant, because it’s cheap. You have more reason to get outside and be in nature and there’s a lot of dandelions. But only take what you need and don’t pick too much at the same place. I pick them everywhere but I always let a pair of dandelions untouched and just pick one or two at one place.
I like the Native American idea behind using things from Mother Nature.
“Only take what you need.” I means don’t take more to keep the balance. Of course we never listened to them, but we should have better listen to these people.




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